Ken Kleen acknowledge our responsibility to all environmental issues and have adapted our systems, products and procedures in keeping with both legislative and advisory requirements.

All of our staff are updated regularly regarding any and all necessary system amendment requirements to comply with legislative changes pertaining to Environmental matters.

environmentally friendly cleaner hinckley

The exclusive range of products are designed to have maximum performance yet minimal environmental impact, if any. We are totally committed to on-going research, investment and development in this field to ensure that our that our products are bio-degradable, non-toxic, phosphate free and as eco-friendly as possible. We will ONLY USE caustic soda if your Oven is in an unclean state that we have no opition to.

The Ken Kleen operating system is designed to use a minimal amount of water thus saving masses of this valuable resource and our Waste Water policy is operated strictly in accordance with Environment Agency Guidelines to avoid water course pollution.

Ken Kleen have an obligation to both the Environment and to our staff and will continue to have resources available at all material times to willingly implement changes to any of the above on a voluntary basis and where legislation is introduced.